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   Sun King
by John T. Marck

Sun King

In 1971 John said that "Sun King" came to him in a dream, but in 1980 he said it was "garbage". This song by Lennon reminds me of a combination of I Am the Walrus and Because. It contains basically nonsense, combined with wonderful harmonies, making it a really beautiful song. The closing lines are nothing more than Italian, Spanish and Portugese words which are more common to tourists.

John Lennon, in 1969 said, "We just started joking, you know, singing `quando para mucho.' So we just made up... Paul knew a few Spanish words from school, you know. So we just strung any Spanish words that sounded vaguely like something. And of course we got `chicka ferdy' in, a Liverpool expression. "Chicka ferdy" could also be a combination Spanish/Liverpudlian pun "chica verde" [green girl] or just like `na-na, na-na-na'-- "as one child would say to taunt another."

"Cake and eat it" is another nice line too, because they have that in Spanish-- 'Que' or something, and eat it." In this song, The Beatles freely mixed dialects and languages here, (Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese) and when this is combined with less than perfect enunciation and accent, many uncertainties arise, leading to many possible interpretations.

The words are as published: "Quando paramucho mi amore de felice corazon Mundo paparazzi mi amore chica ferdy parasol Cuesto obrigado tanta mucho que can eat it carousel"

"Parasol" is an umbrella, of course, but literally translates as "para sole" as in for the sun, or perhaps "pa re sole" for sun king.

"Paparazzi" are people who take pictures of celebrities.

"que can eat it" should be "que/cake and eat it",

"carousel" is a popular brand of chocolates in Britain.

"Obrigado" is Portuguese [thank you], or "obbligato" [musical term - secondary, yet necessary part]

A literal translation would most likely be:

Quando para mucho mi amore de felice corazon "If/When For Much, My Love Of Happy Heart"

Mundo paparazzi mi amore chicka/chica ferdy/verde para sole "World Paparazzi, My Love, Chicka/Girl Ferdy/Green For The Sun

Cuesto obrigado, tanta mucho, que/cake and eat it, carousel/cara sole This Thanks, Very Much, Cake and Eat It, Carousel/Dearest Sun

Regardless, I think it's still a rather cool song!

Ah, here comes the Sun King,

Here comes the Sun King

Everybody's laughing, everybody's happy,

Here comes the Sun King

Quando para mucho mia more de felice corazon

Mundo paparazzi miamore chicka ferdy parasol

Cuesto obrigado tanta mucho que can eat it carousel

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