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   It's Only Love
by John T. Marck

It's Only Love

Simply stated, a love song by Lennon, recorded on June 15, 1965. He describes how this girl lights up the night, gives him butterflies in his stomach, and so on, meaning, he's in love. John said years later that he hated the song lyrics, but liked the melody. He felt that the lyrics were commonplace, rather than an expression of his real feelings. Originally Lennon titled this song, "That's A Nice Hat," and George Martin recorded it as an instrumental using his original title. During one of Lennon's interviews, he was asked which songs he wrote he liked the least. He named this one and "Run For Your Life," without hesitation. Harrison's wah-wah guitar effect is featured on this song as well. I disagree with Lennon on this one - I like it. Simple yes, but effective.

I get high when I see you go by,

my oh my

When you sigh my my inside just flies,


why am I so shy,

when I'm beside you

It's only love and that is all,

why should I feel the way I do

It's only love and that is all,

but it's so hard, loving you

Is it right that you and I should fight,

every night

Just the sight of you makes nighttime bright,

very bright,

Haven't I the right,

to make it up girl

It's only love and that is all,

why should I feel the way I do

It's only love and that is all,

but it's so hard,

loving you

Yes it's so hard,

loving you,

loving you

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